Exoview #1 – 2020

Breath soon, 2022 – Jazz-Submarine series. With Aimée Fleury

Natural Revolution II , 2020 – Natural Revolution series

Immersion – 2022, Video for the exhibition All around, water

Tentative amoureuse, 2014 – Series
Love Leap

North light Хелюля, Republic of Karelia, Russia 2019 Series
Geometry From the Sky

Collective Sisyphus , 2022 Series, Underwater Mythology

Expression of carnal emotion – CA, 2020 Series
Expression of carnal emotion

The Fall, 2018 – Series, We tried to fall asleep underwater


Eroticizing struggles

Eroticizing struggles

  Loves in Athens under the stigmata of the anti-capitalist struggle Commentary on the Philoxéinia photographic series   These photos are from a series made in spring 2017 in the heart of Exarchia, Athens. The story begins near the Square of Exarchia, a...

Anthropocene, our freedom

Anthropocene, our freedom

One of the popular visions of the modern artist is to equate it with research and self-expression, as gesture, as abstract expression, as performance... This presupposition induces an indivisible entity. An “I” that would express the artist's vision of the world, pure...

If I was young, I’d flee this town

If I was young, I’d flee this town

If I was young, I'd flee this town, jazz-water, 2019 Bonjour, Première newsletter depuis longtemps, Et enfaite, c’est la première de cette forme là. C’est un test, je suis prêt à la critique. Si on vous à fait suivre ce mail, inscrivez-vous ici Si ce mail est...

Sine fine music

Exoview (feat Coeur+Fleur)

by Sine fine | Brain Wave

Other Gravity V

by Sine fine | Other Gravity

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Sine fine Studio

Sine Fine Studio, imagined by Benoit Barbagli, aka Sine Fine, is a space where biomimicry guides the search for form. These shapes are generated by mathematical equations such as fractals, Tessendorf equations and artificial intelligence. The studio stands out for its ability to create complex shapes inspired by nature, giving form to mathematical structures.

These shapes are then materialized using a variety of techniques such as 3D printing or 5-axis CNC machining, using materials such as marble and concrete. The studio is guided by a deep-rooted ecological sensibility, doing its utmost to minimize the environmental impact of its production. Sculptures are sometimes designed to hybridize with nature, housing seeds to be planted or immersed in water, creating bridges between man and nature.

The studio’s jewelry reproduces these biomimetic forms on a reduced scale, broadening the spectrum of this research. Artificial intelligence also plays a central role, enriching form research and influencing fields such as architecture and fashion.

Sine Fine Studio stands at the intersection of biomimicry, art, mathematics and technology, illustrating a place where mathematical precision is put to the service of design, while promoting a renewed harmony between man and nature.


generative Tessendorf algorithm




Love Jump

Do you want to emblazon your chest with an ode to joy, life and music; while subtly interweaving contemporary issues inherent in gender redefinitions, mocking the virilistic trappings of the declining patriarchy?

This 40mm gold-plated brooch, with its double fastening, will create the emotion and support needed for the heroic journey through these uncertain times.

By committing your own body to plunge with valiant heart and blossoming soul into a life unknown and longed for.

Ode to Joy

The Ode to Joy series features a selection of 100 photographs taken between 2011 and 2022. Use photography as a guide to help create the conditions for the emergence of joy.

Each photograph in the series is a pigment print on Museum Etching Hahnemühle 350g in 18 x 24 cm format, edited to 30 signed and numbered copies.

Sisyphe Collectif – II, 2022

Series: Underwater Mythology, Dimensions: 130 x 104 cm

This work, entitled ‘Collective Sisyphus – II,’ is part of the Underwater Mythology series. It was a major piece in the past exhibition ‘Tout Autour, l’Eau,’ at Galerie Eva Vautier.