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The act of acquiring a work of art transcends the simple impulse of material or speculative accumulation. It’s part of a profound process that goes far beyond mere possession. You’re not just buying a painting or a sculpture; you’re investing in a vision of the world, a shared emotion and sensibility. In doing so, you engage in an ongoing dialogue not only with the artist, but also with those around you and, ultimately, with society as a whole.

An investment in a work of art is an investment in a cause, a perception of the world that helps build the world of tomorrow. Today, more than ever, it’s the human and sensitive importance of this vision, and the questions it raises, that enhance the work and give it meaning. The brief moment on Earth when artist and collector meet, in the middle of time, becomes the first step towards a new world.

To acquire a work of art is to recognize a shared sensibility, like an echo or resonance that produces meaning within us. It also means supporting a common approach. This approach, shaped by shared values, tastes and sensibilities, aspires to become a tangible reality. It is the fruit of a silent but powerful collaboration between artist and purchaser, forming a kind of alliance or mutual aid pact based on a common understanding. Everyone contributes to building a world where sensitivity is at the heart, where the projection of a sensitive world, hitherto utopian, now becomes an act.

When you express your interest in a work of art, you’re not just entering into a financial transaction. You engage in a symbiotic relationship with the artist, where your support helps to develop and realize ideas, emotions and perspectives. You become a key player in the creative process, a partner in the realization of a shared artistic future.

The catalog you’re about to request is much more than just an inventory of items. It’s an invitation to enter a world where each work reflects a quest, a question, an exploration. You’ll find not only technical information, but also stories to help you understand the genesis and impact of each work.

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The Authenticity Charter

Each original work comes with its own certificate. To find out more about the authenticity and provenance of our works, please consult our Authenticity Charter.